Embrace of nature


Purna Wild Life Sanctuary

Unbroken silences greet us
unheard melodies beckon ahead
as we trudge on softly
from a bed of dry leaves
like some courteous guest
mindful of the boundaries
best left undisturbed
hoping to catch a glimpse
of the feathered residents
in all their multicoloured glory
as sun rays come seeping in
lighting slices of green haven
the lost child inside smiles
relaxing in the embrace of nature
closer to yourself in this moment
and happy to receive the gift
of present


Feathered surprise

The day turned super-exciting today when we had an unexpected visitor….

A lovely parakeet

A lovely parakeet

I was doing something in the kitchen when me n hubby both heard some odd voices which none of us could place. I thought some kid was playing and making them and since was doing some work in the kitchen, ignored it altogether. It was hubby who while trying to find out the source of voice, came across this lovely visitor 🙂

And boy were we awed…

None of us spoke for some time while taking in its beauty and colours..while hubby being fond of photography, well you can imagine. Most of these photographs are by him. And this guy or gal (no idea…but I guess its a male…males are beautiful in birds aren’t they..) was merrily making different sounds. We counted at least six to seven different sounds.

Hubby being multi-talented 😉 …was matching the birdie’s whistling with his own..as close as he could. I could see the bird searching for the source of the sound and probably getting confused when he couldn’t find any of his mates nearby. I wanted to see if he would eat anything. So, braving the idea that if I get close he might fly, I took a plate of fruit and chillies and kept it on the window sill. We could see him getting interested as he came down a few bars, but unfortunately not more than that. I had another idea that probably he needs water…so we kept that too. But nope!! No success…

He then stopped the whistling and started preening those lovely colourful feathers, in different poses.

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This went on and on while we waited for him to touch something that we had kept. After a while he took to chewing the window knob. Was it chewing or he was sharpening his beak, I don’t know. But it was damn funny 😀

Then I had another thought. Remembering that bird feeders are kept on a height, I thought the food and drink that we had kept were too lower and maybe the bird was uncomfortable with that. But we were also afraid that bringing a stool might scare him off. And he did move a few bars up as I neared the window with a stool. Luckily for us, either he had had interactions with humans before or this was one fearless birdie 😉 . He went on preening merrily as I kept the stool, looking at me from one corner of his eye. The minute I kept the plate and water on the stool and went behind, he started coming down 😀 . And this is what happened..

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He didn’t actually eat any pistachios, just removed the shell and went on to the next one. The orange too was eaten like some rich spoiled kid that leaves the fibrous part out and just eats the juicy part 😀 . Didn’t touch the chilly or pear. For three hours this went on like a show..with us forgetting our original plans as we welcomed this bird hoping it will return again 🙂 .

Lets see. Hopes are up!!

Have a great weekend guys and gals! 🙂

100 days of Laughter Challenge – Day 20


For those new to this challenge, do check the first post to get a better idea 🙂

Place: Office

We were relaxed and talking something since boss is out for some days 😀 . One of the colleague was talking of disposing of some flowers used for pooja in the creek we have nearby. In India, it is a practice that the flowers used for worshiping are not thrown later in the garbage. They are disposed separately, and this is one of the ways.

Hearing her, another colleague exclaimed Oh..is that what they do, I thought they throw some food for the Pelicans sitting below 😀 . That is when I corrected him, they are not Pelicans, but flamingos 😀 . One other colleague didn’t listen properly and said what…falcons 😀 that is when I burst out laughing thinking of her guess and imagining people feeding a falcon like that.. 😉