Undivided attention 

More than the patience wearing thin
More than a good night’s sleep
More than the long to-do list
More than the break we desperately need
More than the piles of work around
More than toys seen all over the room
More than a hundred other distractions
More than the continuous circle of routine
Everything can wait, let us give a few moments
Spouse, child or parents it may be
To nurture the bond we seek to build
Undivided attention is the best remedy


On the edge


the layers of years
the years of judgments
the judgments that shouldn’t have been
the threadbare bonds of relationship
the make believe strength sustaining it
the edge where I find myself, teetering
every time your choices, that make me believe
it is time to end this
it is time for the purge
it is time to lift the curtains
it is time for ‘u  s’ to die
for ‘me’ to live again.