Open Link Night # 204

A fragile thread hanging
is all I see, between
the fine line, dividing
rational discussion from
a thoughtless mob mentality
of fragile vanities
and mountain size egoes
intolerant against any thought,
that dares to oppose.

A shred of hope, quickly losing
when I see, leaders selling hatred
like throwing pieces of meat to dogs
with us lapping it up, no second thoughts
tearing each other to pieces
with least regard for other’s pain.

Ask your God, recheck your faith
Ask yourself, before it’s too late
At the end, we all bleed red
As a human or monster, depends
on the choices you make
Ask, before you loose faith, in yourself





Why does it always believe
our heart that is
all bruised n bleeding
for the umpteenth time
but still it peers around
from the corner, half-hidden
afraid to show itself
it still has to go for the candy
other times its an angry kid
all sullen, locked up and bolted
no one is allowed to close the space
impossible things, these hearts
we grow up, but they stay young
all trusting innocence
though sometimes I feel
that is exactly and the only thing
that keeps us human

Of lost faith

In the movie Blood Diamond, Leonardo delivers a very important dialogue, in a touching scene while telling the reporter about the death of his parents. It is late evening or night, a time of day when I believe we are emotionally vulnerable, prone to thinking about past or failures, life in general. So, in the scene, he narrates the how his parents were tortured and murdered when he was just nine years old, and further adds “I wonder sometimes whether God will forgive us for what we have done with each other. Then I look around and I think, God left this place long ago“. A powerful statement. One with which I couldn’t agree more.

Some days back while surfing through the movies on TV, we accidentally got to watch a quite brilliant but gut-wrenching movie named – A dry white season – about the Apartheid that was enforced in South Africa from 1948 to 1998. Half a century of racial segregation against the social and civil rights of a group of people. The movie revolves around a Caucasian history professor who has his eyes opened to how these people are treated and decides to do something about it. His wife however thinks that this country was made by the Afrikaans and hence they have the right to enjoy it. Implying at the same time that she wants to go on blindly living her life and ignoring the things going on around her. Try getting used to that thought. Why do we forget that irrespective of the caste, creed, gender, religion, race and any damn parameter you can think of to differentiate, we all are human beings in the end….or I should probably say in the first place. Rest all the differentiation is unnecessary if it turns us into monsters.

Then their is the Rohingya crisis, Islamic State crisis…no dearths of crisis in our world, I guess.

So here is my crisis of faith. I do believe that their is a higher power. But I don’t believe that it is their in our world watching over us anymore, probably disgusted by the way we as a species have turned out to be.

The Monster named Religion

Loosing faith on human race
looking at the hatred spreading
in every direction I see
what kind of species are we
that tortures a fellow being
on an illusion of so called faith
a devil by the name of religion
like a virus affecting brain
turning men into maniacs
why is it difficult to understand
at the end we all bleed red
we all are human beings
that is the most basic tie
God, if he does exist at all
never created the boundaries we follow
of land, of resources, of faith,
it is we who created them
it is we who defend them
but at what cost
that’s made us monsters at heart
does anybody realize
this religion will destroy our world

P.S. unfortunately inspired reading the Rohingya genocide..