Small joys

Do we laugh less as we grow up? Enjoy less? Listen to our favorite music less? In my experience, yes. Our experiences, choices, circumstances weigh us down. Even trivial things like daily commute to work, weather, minor disagreements with spouse, a snarky comment by colleague which otherwise we sort out easily, then seem big. Some days are like that. Grey through n through. 

In those times, a joke,  a favorite song, an inspirational quotation, a personal text from close but haven’t talked in ages kind of friend, a romantic one from your spouse,  can act as a single ray of joy.  It turns the whole day around. Problems don’t seem big anymore and we can let go some negative thoughts without overthinking. It has happened with me countless times. Think we should stock small joys like these for such days in advance. 

Any thoughts? 



Embrace of nature


Purna Wild Life Sanctuary

Unbroken silences greet us
unheard melodies beckon ahead
as we trudge on softly
from a bed of dry leaves
like some courteous guest
mindful of the boundaries
best left undisturbed
hoping to catch a glimpse
of the feathered residents
in all their multicoloured glory
as sun rays come seeping in
lighting slices of green haven
the lost child inside smiles
relaxing in the embrace of nature
closer to yourself in this moment
and happy to receive the gift
of present


If my silence spoke
it would show you restraint
born out of love and pain
knowing words spoken in anger
are seldom truly meant

If my silence spoke
it would show you patience
when countless days were spent
waiting for some moments with you
and countless others wasted

If my silence spoke
it would show you love
waiting to be received
for when you recognize
for you, it is meant to be

If my silence spoke
it would show you need
to be understood and accepted
to feel my absence
to come to me open-hearted

If my silence spoke
it would show you pride
for the person you are
for the love we share
it is worth all

Finding myself

She wasn’t loved enough
bothered to understand by none
to accept all her quirks
yet still call her own

She wasn’t loved enough
tried to accommodate loved ones
yet her empathy wasn’t returned
in her turn, she received only anger

She wasn’t loved enough
her inner balance faded with time
the need for anchor growing stronger
in a world full of hate, she felt all alone

She wasn’t loved enough
she decided to nurture herself
restoring the forgotten inner peace
would show her the path to love, again