Unexpected surprises

Some times as if by luck
we meet the nicest of people
those that go out of the way
helping people out of situations
with little self gain
and such rare species they are
it is difficult to believe them
to let go the perpetual doubt
lest we are taken advantage of
for the world is overflowing
with more takers than givers
nothing comes for free here
not even all year round discounts
but some days magic happens
at the oddest of moments
leaving you baffled
not knowing what to do with it
having hardly met generosity
but I believe
it is more than a coincidence
like an unexpected present
to make us believe
their still remain things
that we ought to be grateful for

The Road


There was once a road..
An imaginary wonderful road..
A magical road..
It took you where you wanted to be..
Whether to be with someone..
Or to be just yourself..
Or to be something besides yourself..
Anything was possible..
Anything was achievable..
When you were on this road..
Then sometime along the way..
this road started disappearing..
Slowly but gradually..
One by one..
Things became difficult..
Things felt impossible..
And then I realized I had finally grown up..
Became an adult..
And not in a better sense too..
So sometimes I let things go..
To be a little crazy..
To be a little childish..
To still believe in the magic of life
So that that road does not vanish altogether..

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