Embrace of nature


Purna Wild Life Sanctuary

Unbroken silences greet us
unheard melodies beckon ahead
as we trudge on softly
from a bed of dry leaves
like some courteous guest
mindful of the boundaries
best left undisturbed
hoping to catch a glimpse
of the feathered residents
in all their multicoloured glory
as sun rays come seeping in
lighting slices of green haven
the lost child inside smiles
relaxing in the embrace of nature
closer to yourself in this moment
and happy to receive the gift
of present


Of moments and friendships

Their are some friends whom even if you meet after a long time, it doesn’t feel that way. Their is no awkwardness, but only perfect bonding. The conversation flows smoothly as if the gap didn’t happen at all. Recently I had been to the send off party of such a friend since she was shifting to another town. We had met the same time I met my husband and bonded quickly. I don’t care to ponder on the reasons. But even being the same city for almost four years, we hardly met each other since both were busy in our lives. Think back now, I regret not taking more initiative to increase our interaction. Anyways, we met at the party. The moment we looked at each other, both of us smiled as if understanding and accepting that its okay even if we didn’t meet. She complimented me saying I had lost weight while I teased her that she had gained some 😉 . Their was no awkwardness as we talked on different topics from what we have been doing in the years in between to long distance relationships and so on. She discussed her interests in philosophy and how she had been associated with some organization and taught underprivileged kids. I thought how damn little we knew about other people’s lives. Not even her colleagues had known that she was into this activity. Anyways, we then chose the menu together with her saying whatever you choose include one daal too in it 😀 . She took photos of each of us and we laughed when the waiter whom we asked to take a group photo, held the mobile stylishly in both hands and clicked like he was a professional photographer 😀 .

After dinner, on my insistence, we went to have ice cream though each of us were full. Guess I was just trying to lengthen our time together. Again the lazy girl ordered my choice of ice cream. We then tasted other’s ice cream, finally deciding our choice was the best of the lot 🙂 .

We held hands like small kids while returning to our car. She invited us to her new home saying whenever we visited that part of the country, we will have to stay at her place. And I understood the sincerity and informality in her invitation simultaneously realizing that we may not see each other for a long time. Now I wish I get an opportunity, sometime in the future, to visit her just for her sake and not for any other reason. But till then I am going to try and stay in her contact more than I had done before.

Here is a friendship that will stay with me for a long time and I am grateful for it!!

This is a real story written for the topic – Together by Housing.



If my words fail you
remember the shared kisses
the hugs and smiles
remember the moments
we created them together
remember I will be here
in spite of you pushing away
remember my promises
I intend to keep them
remember your promises
you can’t break them yet
remember when we met
the instant we connected
remember the craziness
of a love unfulfilled
remember this always
I’m not leaving
I’m here to stay