She touches herself
as he had explored her
reaching in places
he once brought to life
the memory of his touch
those whispered love songs
as their bodies merged
in a symphony of their own
vibrates her entire being
aching for that magic again
for him to stake a claim
and take her as his mate


Sunshines – lost n found

She is his sunshine
His love making her soar high
His touch that made her feel loved
His words that touched her heart

She was his sunshine
His smile no longer blooming seeing her
His eyes that made her feel invisible
His words lost in a sea of diversions

She became her own sunshine
Her courage to not give up yet
Her efforts to not lose herself
Her fierce passion to live life nonetheless

To all the lost sunshines
you are your own warmth n light
To those who rejected it
its a loss that you may regret yet

P.S.: Re-blogging this post wasn’t enough it seems, I also needed to write something of my own about it.

Some different times

Some times are just different than others
they feel of emotions not understood
they leave us bothered and confused
they stink of a fear undefined
they leave us with a confidence undermined

Some times are just different than others
they leave us free and elated without reason
they teach us to get back up with fierce passion
they ready us for a leap of faith in the horizon
they are the ones to meet us with our inner reflection


She misses him
every fibre of being
always yearning
to feel him close
his unique smell
surrounding her
filling her memories
of the time spent
together in the past

She wants him
a passion unbridled
like the fire burning
with a single match
and taking them
to glorious heights
with a single touch

She loves him
as never other before
all the doors opened
her heart transparent
so he can see through
to her very soul
her inner paradise
and stay there

The Need


A ferocious need rose within her
to touch and be touched
to love and be loved
A hunger potent and persistent
A fire lighted and stoked by him
A devil had been awakened within
that she had hidden from the world
A devil of passion and wildness
that wanted them joined together
She then knew as sure as her heartbeat
Trouble had made way in her life
Though never wanting it to go away
Finally lost count of her sleepless nights