Finding myself

She wasn’t loved enough
bothered to understand by none
to accept all her quirks
yet still call her own

She wasn’t loved enough
tried to accommodate loved ones
yet her empathy wasn’t returned
in her turn, she received only anger

She wasn’t loved enough
her inner balance faded with time
the need for anchor growing stronger
in a world full of hate, she felt all alone

She wasn’t loved enough
she decided to nurture herself
restoring the forgotten inner peace
would show her the path to love, again


Some tough times

the daily struggles
overwhelm us in thinking
their is no option left
no doors open for our dreams
decisions go awry
once felt meant to be
but now dragging us into a pit
making us feel a worthless being
everything is in the mind
the demon of overthinking
if not restrained in time
negates everything in sight
my words are stuck
getting anything positive out
from the mess going on inside
is a struggle already lost
the only peace of mind
is to focus on simple things
just to feel somewhat accomplished
even if it’s as small as cooking a meal
But these are just some times
Rest of the time
We Rock

My music

Something stirs in the heart
pristine and precious
a peace seen rare these days
by pure notes of music adrift
a magic created by masters
filling me in which I drown
forgetting the world around
in harmony with the sound
intertwined with words
that demands barter in emotions
one of our proudest achievements
that doesn’t destroy, only nurtures
like a caress to the soul
like the peace on mother’s lap
like being in your lover’s arms
like the peace in your last rest

Safe havens

The tiger reserve is on the other side of the river named Denwa

The tiger reserve is on the other side of the river named Denwa

In the peace of my heart
new shoots grow
cool breezes blow
the forest around
the sights and sound
nature in harmony
with itself and me
there lies my peace
a piece that I carry
buried inside somewhere
it is what keeps me going
knowing this harmony exists
knowing I was a part of it
knowing it is safe and being cared
knowing my safe haven won’t go anywhere

To the Satpura Tiger Reserve and all such national parks and sanctuaries and to people who make sure they exist