Embrace of nature


Purna Wild Life Sanctuary

Unbroken silences greet us
unheard melodies beckon ahead
as we trudge on softly
from a bed of dry leaves
like some courteous guest
mindful of the boundaries
best left undisturbed
hoping to catch a glimpse
of the feathered residents
in all their multicoloured glory
as sun rays come seeping in
lighting slices of green haven
the lost child inside smiles
relaxing in the embrace of nature
closer to yourself in this moment
and happy to receive the gift
of present


Me n her

Somehow as the times pass
minutes turning into days
that turned into years
God knows when
I see my younger self
with the glasses of present
wondering about her choices
chuckling at her problems
fondly seeing her innocence
realizing the difference
two versions, past n present
in b/w lies the passage of time
lined with countless experiences
I try not to let them define myself
some times that is what is needed
not letting past cloud over the present

A lost time

There was a time
when the heart was peaceful
and the mind was calm
and the self was happy

There was a time
when the mind was unplugged
and the heart was simple
and life, a straight road

There was a time
when things were black or white
without any shades of grey
and life, like a blooming rainbow

There was a time
when hope was in abundance
and the heart full of possibilities
without impossible crossroads

There was a time
when yesterday was too full
to think of today
there was only, the present

And there is now…
a time filled with more struggles
where carefree days are numbered
and a mind lost in past or future

Such is now…
life of a grown-up..