If my silence spoke
it would show you restraint
born out of love and pain
knowing words spoken in anger
are seldom truly meant

If my silence spoke
it would show you patience
when countless days were spent
waiting for some moments with you
and countless others wasted

If my silence spoke
it would show you love
waiting to be received
for when you recognize
for you, it is meant to be

If my silence spoke
it would show you need
to be understood and accepted
to feel my absence
to come to me open-hearted

If my silence spoke
it would show you pride
for the person you are
for the love we share
it is worth all

Shades of life

Lately my fear
holds back thoughts
refusing to be weaved
in a poetical bind

Lately my thoughts
tilt towards the grey
twisting in patterns
better left unrevealed

Lately the sunshine
is losing its warmth
hardly able to reach
the dark corners inside

Lately I’ve stopped
trying to understand
going with the flow
being the current stand

Lately I try
forming the lines
rather than giving up
this gift of mine

Lately I feel
balance hanging on a thread
finding my centre of calm
the only way out of this mess

Lost words

My words are lost somewhere
in this maze of present
that seems painted all over
with shades of grey

My words have become separated
from the emotions of present
roaming all over the place
knowing, alone they are meaningless

My words are stuck somewhere
as am I, in this phase
they are helpless to rescue me
as am I, to free them
through the tip of my pen


A fragile thread hanging
is all I see, between
the fine line, dividing
rational discussion from
a thoughtless mob mentality
of fragile vanities
and mountain size egoes
intolerant against any thought,
that dares to oppose.

A shred of hope, quickly losing
when I see, leaders selling hatred
like throwing pieces of meat to dogs
with us lapping it up, no second thoughts
tearing each other to pieces
with least regard for other’s pain.

Ask your God, recheck your faith
Ask yourself, before it’s too late
At the end, we all bleed red
As a human or monster, depends
on the choices you make
Ask, before you loose faith, in yourself

Learning curve of love

She handled herself roughly
harsh bruising words, for
every decision gone wrong
for things she had wanted
but her daring fell short
the mirror reflected failures
showing her paths she didn’t take
regretting over her choices
those now couldn’t be undone

She knew she was worth more
but to herself she couldn’t prove
the mind reminded her of flaws
heart struggling in the dark
against this constant onslaught
she warred with herself thus
some lost badly, some barely won
went on, till one day she understood
the shadows and sunshine make her whole
it is herself, she must learn to love