Embrace of nature


Purna Wild Life Sanctuary

Unbroken silences greet us
unheard melodies beckon ahead
as we trudge on softly
from a bed of dry leaves
like some courteous guest
mindful of the boundaries
best left undisturbed
hoping to catch a glimpse
of the feathered residents
in all their multicoloured glory
as sun rays come seeping in
lighting slices of green haven
the lost child inside smiles
relaxing in the embrace of nature
closer to yourself in this moment
and happy to receive the gift
of present



If my silence spoke
it would show you restraint
born out of love and pain
knowing words spoken in anger
are seldom truly meant

If my silence spoke
it would show you patience
when countless days were spent
waiting for some moments with you
and countless others wasted

If my silence spoke
it would show you love
waiting to be received
for when you recognize
for you, it is meant to be

If my silence spoke
it would show you need
to be understood and accepted
to feel my absence
to come to me open-hearted

If my silence spoke
it would show you pride
for the person you are
for the love we share
it is worth all



As your smile
lits up mine
so does your sorrow
spills over my life
the wall of silence
you build around yourself
doesn’t keep me out
I seep in effortless
The bone deep tiredness
I see in your eyes
meets a responding cry
anguished but silent
when I curse the maker
for the long night to end
and pray to him as well
to show the first rays of day

An impatient verse

After days of silence
I have to write something
to write anything, now
like an impatient child
the words are flowing
in a seemingly random flow
though not meaningless
the fingers tap eagerly
to convey the energy
with an unknown source
that needs channelling
but I am too much on an edge
to write a proper rhyme
instead, here is an attempt
a disobedient one that too
to convey the feeling
as I search the meaning
of my own impatient verse