I am a Protector
of my values
of gender equality
of religious tolerance

I am a Seeker
of kindness in others
of justice for powerless
of truth in this democratic mess

I am a Soldier
refusing to sit like a weak fool
refusing to be the one protected
refusing to surrender my freedom

I am just a someone
with rebellious thoughts in head
angry at being born to feel out of place
in this world of hatred and farces

I am a human-being
with a part to play in ecosystem
a part that seeks to nurture, not destroy
a part to share our planet equally

The Onus is on ME


In search of inspiration


What is it that makes
you throw off society norms
in which you have always
been bound till now

What is it that makes
you choose an unknown path
instead of the familiar
roads traveled till now

What is it that makes
you stand up and question
the rules that you followed
with indifference till now

What is it that makes
you mad enough to fight
till death, this once
without escaping like
you always did till now

What is it that makes
you a human being again
instead of the zombies
we seem to have become
without knowing till now

Speechless over how criminals think

Do watch this video that was banned in India about the Delhi 2012 gang rape..see how the perpetrators and their lawyers think…try not to get disgusted..realize how big a battle this is going to be..

Regular Indian Girl!

Where do I start?

Everybody knows what Delhi Gangrape was. How the girl was raped. Beaten. Violated. Humiliated. Killed. We have concluded that those people who did that to her are monsters. They deserve death. The juvenile too. After all, if he is mature enough to rape, he is big enough to be hanged. But what is the real monster? Rapist? Uneducation? Social setup? Mindset?

What gets me in shock is the BBC documentary. Yes, it was banned. I saw the footage on youtube.

I am still gathering my thoughts. But have to put them down as they come. The first thing that hit me is “he is not repentant at all.” After being sentenced to death. After having seen what the crime symbolises in India, today.

He still believes that women are responsible for rapes. That women need to be in their limits. they are meant for housework and…

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Of misrepresentations

Dowry death: No HC relief for 70-year-old

What do these words convey..

This is the title of a news I read today in one of our newspapers. As per my understanding from the many similar news I’ve read earlier, this means that a girl has been harassed to death for dowry and her mother who has gone to court for seeking justice, has still not received it. Please tell me if anybody else did any other interpretation of this news.

Now the actual news is about the mother-in-law who harassed and starved and beat the girl, causing her to prefer hanging herself rather than living. This 70 year old woman is seeking bail and SC has denied because of the nature of evidence on record.

Setting aside the fact that I wholeheartedly agree with their decision, doesn’t the title of the news fail to convey its meaning. Rather than putting forth a neutral news, this news firstly creates a bias. If somebody is just scanning the titles I’m sure their interpretation will be as mine was at first. They will automatically sympathize with the old woman. Secondly, they are endorsing that a criminal such as her should get a relief just because of her age.

Have I interpreted the news wrongly..

If not, what right our media has to encourage such thoughts in a society that already treats women like dirt.

P.S: The good guys are requested not to take offence, I hope you understand what I mean by this statement.