Her stars


The stars fell onto her lap
winking at her absolute delight
settling gently on their throne
a priceless treasure guarded
by a pair of innocent eyes

The stars twinkled their light
shining away right through her eyes
she gave a special place to each
right in her own night sky

The stars, they were her light
they shone for her, each night
never would she be afraid of dark
for the rest of her life


A different sunset

The sun seemed lonely today
no sign of its usual shine
the flaming ball of warmth
scattering beams of light
hither n tither in the sky
had exhausted all its rays
crepuscular or otherwise
silently he went down
leaving the clear evening sky
to the moon and stars
who wondered how he had gone
without fighting at all

P.S. I didn’t take a pic of the sunset 😩 . And didn’t find a single one matching on google. Guess no two are the same.