Rough times

When my boat rocks
stumbling through rapids
your rock hard support
is the only anchor
as I look for a way out
Understand, I may need you
as you do me, sometimes
in you, lies my centre of calm
Understand, your silences
snuffs the only light I see
the tunnels get even more lengthy
Do not make me ask
for it may not happen
I might just learn
to steer myself out
and what you see later
will be a different me
not the woman you loved



Mind roams
in restless patterns
when the expected
doesn’t happen
emptiness grows
to a gaping hole
decoratively hidden
inside fake smiles
nothing around
holds amusement
for time enough
to give it a rest
But that is the point
never rests
until mind is a chaos
or until the cause itself
takes mercy on us
and dissipates

Battles – 3


Do you hear the roar of storm
in my eyes
Do you see the clenched hands
ready for battle
Do you hear the tightness in my voice
keeping away tears
Do you feel the loneliness I try to hide
in my silence
Do you understand how much I need you
even as I turn away
Do you know how strange the world seems
without you beside me
Do you know every minute alone is a battle
for survival
Do you


For the unknowns in this world
for the worlds within this world
for the things not seen but heard
for the things that stirred the heart
for the passions once fought for
for the love that knows no bounds
for the music that gives hope
for the voice that form my words
for all the things dear in this world
here is a shout out
I am coming back
I am not giving up
this fight is over
and I have won.


Seeking inspiration
for the words to flow
in the right place
in the right way
to feel the connection
with each word penned
knowing it was a part of me
now exposed for you to see
Seeking inspiration
to blow off this grayness
to push the clouds
that seem to have stayed
see the clear horizon
to mean the things I do
to feel the warmth of smile
that I make appear each day
I am a seeker
in search of my path
I lost on the way.

In search of inspiration


What is it that makes
you throw off society norms
in which you have always
been bound till now

What is it that makes
you choose an unknown path
instead of the familiar
roads traveled till now

What is it that makes
you stand up and question
the rules that you followed
with indifference till now

What is it that makes
you mad enough to fight
till death, this once
without escaping like
you always did till now

What is it that makes
you a human being again
instead of the zombies
we seem to have become
without knowing till now